Take a step with Ewig221 to save the planet

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Eco-friendly and amazingly practical flip-flops are now available on Kickstarter.

Eco-friendly consumption has lately gained popularity among the younger generation. Fashion brands are also releasing a variety of eco-friendly and vegan products aimed towards them since customers spend money on eco-friendly products to exhibit their originality. One of the popular items is the eco-friendly flip-flop “EWIG 221,” which is now getting funds on Kickstarter.

The environment-friendly flipflop Ewig221 is here to protect the environment. Ewig221 is totally recyclable as TPE material can be melted down and used again. It’s simple to set up and take apart due to its modular structure. Just swap out the damaged component to keep wearing the shoes. Additionally, the production process makes no use of chemicals like glue or other similar materials, which is excellent for the environment. An additional feature of Ewig221 is its exceptional durability. Due to its robustness, Ewig221’s flip-flop strap can endure even the strong adult without being damaged.

You can show your personality to the world while protecting the environment, thanks to Ewig2121. You may choose from five colors: black, creamy white, beige, blue, and orange. You may customize the color of every part of the shoes to match your personality. You have the impression that you already have multiple pairs of shoes and do not require any more purchases. The funds pledged for color customization add-ons will go to The Eden Project (nongovernmental organization).

To keep the foot comfortable even when worn for extended periods of time, the product’s sole is designed like an arch. To reduce the strain of continued walking on the heel, a heel cushioning device is affixed to the product’s heel. If your foot health is a problem, Ewig221 is an excellent choice. The heel cushion is removable and comes in a variety of elasticity levels, allowing you to choose the level that suits you best.

The project Ewig221 is now on Kickstarter. Support the campaign, and receive a pair of unique flipflops!

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