The most comfortable and safe clogs: NEO GRANDE

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What kind of footwear do you prefer to wear? The slippers are frequently worn by people because they are so comfortable. The hard bottoms of the slippers, however, will cause severe foot pain after the long walk. They are also not very safe because of their inability to cover the front of the feet due to their design. NEO GRANDE, the ideal shoe for people who can’t wear uncomfortable shoes, is now available on Kickstarter.

Be the first to benefit from NEO GRANDE’s innovative 3D Arc Tech

These clogs are a great for anyone who does a lot of walking, enjoys outdoor activities, spends most of their time at work, or must stand for extended periods of time. You must understand the design of the shoes to understand why they are so unique. NEO GRANDE’s innovative 3D ARC technology was used in its ergonomic design. To improve the ventilation, safety, and flexibility of the shoes, multiple arch-shaped parts are integrated. By allowing the arched foot to be bent precisely, the points where the separated arch shaped pieces meet are designed for maximum comfort and pressure distribution of the feet even when worn for a long time. NEO GRANDE protects the feet even when they are struck by hard surfaces or fall on large things because of its 3D ARC technology.

How does NEO GRANDE maximize the ventilation?

Due to the contraction and expansion that take place during walking and the change in size of the space between the feet and 3D ARC components, 3D ARC Tech is not only implied to the external design but also inside the shoes to maximize the inner room for an air to circulate. Ventilation won’t be an issue, thanks to the holes on the side of the shoes.

Easy to clean, safe to use. The best shoes which are made of EVA material

Eco-friendly EVA material was used to produce NEO GRANDE. It is very light weighted. Since EVA material doesn’t absorb water, it dries quickly, which makes it incredibly simple to clean the shoes. When foreign things (such as sauce, dirt, etc.) are spilled on the surface of the shoe, it can be quickly cleaned up with a towel. The insole and outsole of NEO GRANDE are both exceptionally unique. It includes a removable, independent insole that you can use. When you walk, it feels significantly softer if you insert the individual insole into the shoes. Simply pull out the insole to adjust the size if the shoes are a little small. Because of the anti-slip design of the outsole, you can climb even the steepest hills without slipping.

Get your NEO GRANDE from the world’s best crowdfunding platform Kickstarter now

You can wear NEO GRANDE regardless of the fashion style you prefer. It goes well with casual clothes as well as formal clothes, so it is perfect for both office and outdoor use.  Try NEO GRANDE if you’re looking for shoes that go well with every outfit and are cozy, safe, and fashionable. Available right now at a special discounted price on Kickstarter.

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