The Eco-friendly Cleansing Ball: Ongredients

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Despite all of our efforts to reduce waste and get rid of all the plastic in the ocean, according to the UNEP, there are still tens of millions of tons of plastic waste currently polluting our oceans.

8 million tons of plastic waste are tossed into the ocean every year, and it is expected that the amount of plastic in the ocean will double by 2050.

Plus, waste from items like beer can rings and fishing tools can choke and kill marine life, leaving a grim impact on our environment.

Microplastics from soaps and other toiletries also seep into the ocean, contaminating marine life and even causing death in some instances. It is no understatement that plastics from our cleansing products are destroying the ocean ecosystem.

To put an end to the relentless torrent of plastic waste, zero-plastic movements have been springing up all over the world.

Ongredients: the Zero Plastic, Vegan Cleanser

If you’re interested in trying out a zero-plastic life, you may be interested in the Kickstarter campaign for the Ongredients Cleansing Ball.

Ongredients is a zero-plastic and eco-friendly soap, cleanser, and shampoo.

Ongredients comes with no plastic containers, so there’s no plastic waste with this product. What’s unique about this cleansing ball is that it melts away slowly as you use it, leaving zero waste behind.

The product also comes with an organic suds pouch that decomposes naturally when it’s thrown away.

What’s more, the cleansing ball is made with all-natural components, making it a truly eco-friendly product.

Ongredients uses aloe, kelp, and rose extracts for their effective moisturizing and relaxing properties. There’s also a lavender scent to help freshen yourself up when you’re done using it.

Plus, Ongredients is certified as 100% PETA vegan, ensuring that no animal products or animal testing was involved in the making of the product.

An All-in-one Cleansing Ball

Ongredients is an all-in-one product for body care. When you’re using Ongredients, you won’t need to use separate products for shampoo, soap, or body wash.

Plus, while most cleansers have an alkaline pH of about 8, Ongredients’ pH is between 5-6, or slightly below neutral.

While some consider products with a pH in the slightly acidic range to have weaker cleansing capabilities, Ongredients makes much more suds than the competition, and is strong enough to even wipe off makeup.

If you use Ongredients as a face cleanser, your skin will feel cleaner and more moisturized than ever, and that’s without any of the tightening of other products.

Ongredients’ pure, all-natural ingredients and powerful cleansing power comes in three colors: Violet, Green, and Yellow, so you can pick whichever one best fits your shower.

You can support Ongredients’ zero plastic campaign by finding them on Kickstarter.

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