Reinventing Yourself

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Sometimes the only thing to do is reinvent yourself! Life only rarely gives you opportunities to do this – starting a new school, going to university, moving to a new town or country or getting a new job. These rare opportunities can free you from the baggage of your history, to an extent at least, so you should consider carefully whenever one comes up.

There are two main ways to reinvent yourself, and present yourself anew to new people. You can change how you look or how you act – or, most effectively, you can change both. A change in your look that’s not backed up with new behaviours will ring hollow, and changes to your behaviour that aren’t reflected in how you see yourself in the mirror might not stick as well.

Staying True to Yourself

Many people – especially those going away to university for the first time, think that a new group of friends is chance to change themselves completely. To go from the bottom of the pack to the coolest in the class. While university is a great time for trying new things, you have to make sure you’re being true to yourself, rather inventing characteristics out of thin air. You’re showing the world a facet of yourself you haven’t had the chance to before, rather than actually inventing new bits of your personality. If your new self is complete invention it won’t last – and it won’t make you happy!

A Change of Wardrobe

Making some tactical additions to your wardrobe can be one of the best ways to make visible your change of attitude: if you’re moving into a new job and want to take it more seriously than you can, of course, arrive to work early, look for more responsibilities, and start seeking more feedback from your manager about your performance. You can also dramatize that change in attitude by switching up your wardrobe for a more formal shirt and tie, if not a traditional business suit.

If you’re trying to establish, in the wake of a move to a new town, that you’re trying to find more time for fun, friends and family, and in general redressing your work life balance, you can also try to dress the part! Adding a Blood Brother hoodie to your wardrobe reminds you to slow down and take life easier, while still keeping on the cutting edge of fashion.

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