8 essential eyeliner tips 

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Everyone thinks eyeliner is easy; you just grab your eyeliner and slap it on. Well, the artistic difference can be anywhere from a stick figure to a Michelangelo. Every piece of makeup that you apply has a technique all of its own. Eyeliner is no different so understand how to make it work, and it will never let you down. Here are a few tips we have picked up over the years. 

Freeze it 

A good trick from stopping your eyeliner from crumbling is to put it in the freezer for 10 minutes. This will help retain its shape and make it easier to apply for clean lines. 

Layer it 

A good way to make your eyeliner last longer and to look more defined is to layer some eyeshadow on top of it. After you apply your eyeliner, just take a small brush and go over your liner with a matching eyeshadow. This will help it last throughout the day. 

Heat it 

Another good trick, the opposite of freezing it, is the heat up your eyeliner pencil. This will in effect make your pencils similar to using liquid eyeliner. It’s a lot easier to control a pencil then a liquid eyeliner if you’re not used to it. Of course don’t heat it up where will burn you, use common sense. 


Taupe is a range of colors with a mix of dark brown and gray. Taupe is a good way to enhance your eyes without making too much contrast such as a dark brown or black eyeliner will. 


There is nothing that says you cannot use a pencil to outline the first pass of eyeliner, and then use liquid eyeliner as a follow-up. This can get you a cleaner and steady line. 


All it takes is one small jiggle and you can have a smudge that can ruin your perfect makeup. Instead of having to start all over, just use a little bit of concealer to cover the smudge. 

Post-it note 

A handy little trick is to use a Post-It note as a guide to make sure the wings of your eyeliner match. Not all of us have perfect eyes to be able to judge and draw both sides perfectly. If you take a Post-It note and angle it from the corner of your eye to the eyebrow it will give you a much better line to match. 

White eyeliner 

To open up your eyes and make it seem like your eyes are much larger, use a white eyeliner. You can still use the black or darker eyeliner on the lower lash line below the white eyeliner, but the extra white will make your eyes look more alive. 

We hope some of these tips might give you a hand at making your eyeliner look better. We always suggest going to a professional makeup artist once or twice, having them do your makeup, watching them and asking a lot of questions. Copying the professionals will take you one step closer to being a professional yourself.

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