9 tips to make your hair look amazing 

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Are you one of those people that have a bathroom full of hair products, you spend a fortune on them and you are still not happy with the way your hair looks? It never seems to look like it does on the commercials on TV. Well, the story is the hair companies want to sell you as much product as possible, which does not always mean that it is the best for your hair. We have put a few beauty tips for your hair here that might take you a few more steps towards making it look amazing. 

Don’t over wash 

Of course the bottle of shampoo will tell you to wash rinse and wash again, but that is not really what you want to do. We suggest only using a small amount of shampoo and massage it into the root area of your hair. You don’t need to wash all of the hair, all the way to the ends. Unless your hair is actually dirty, you do not have to use shampoo every day either. Leave some of the natural oils of your hair in there. 

Clarifying shampoo 

Use this rarely and you only when you need it. It will clean everything from your hair, leaving it looking fresh and clean, but it will also strip everything else out of your hair that is good to stay. It takes time for your hair to recover from a clarifying shampoo so just use it sparingly. 


Please avoid any high temperatures getting near your hair. It will not do your hair any good. If you’re going to use rollers, it is best to use steam heated rollers. They are much less harsh on your hair. If you can avoid blow dryers and curling irons, it will also help. 

Natural bristle brush 

A good natural bristle hair brush is great to brush your hair out with, and move all those natural hair oils along the shaft. This will help give your hair a beautiful shine. When you see those old movies of the mother brushing the daughter’s hair a hundred times, this is the reason. It’s to move the hair oils through the hair and make it look beautiful. 

Washing warm and not hot 

When you wash your hair or rinse it, it is better to use warm water or even cool water. It will help your hair retain the natural nutrients and oils. In fact, quite often, you don’t even need to use shampoo, you can just rinse in warm water.


Although they don’t always tell you to, its a good idea to towel your hair dry before you apply it. If there is too much water in your hair the conditioner will not be able to work its magic quite as well. So towel dry before you use conditioner. Rinse your hair out with cool or cold water after conditioning as well. 

Vitamin E 

Taking vitamin E has been shown in studies to increase hair growth. But more importantly for us, it would be to massage the vitamin D into the roots of your hair. It will help with the shine and the gloss, and will also help thicken out fine hair. 

Eat healthily 

Just like the vitamin E, if you increase your omega-3 fatty acids, such as are found in eggs and fish, it will help your hair tremendously. Your body will produce the right oils to make your hair shiny and beautiful. 

Silk or satin 

Get yourself some silk or satin pillowcases. Though it may not seem to make much sense, silk or satin is much softer on your hair than cotton. It has less chance of damaging the hair. You awake with smoother hair and less frizz. How cool is that? 

Remember that the oils in your hair are your friends. It’s the oils that make your hair look beautiful. When we shampoo, we are shampooing out the excess oil and replacing it with other oils. Conditioners or hot oil treatments, or adding the vitamin E, all of these things are to replace the natural oils. We feel that the best way is to work with the natural oils in your hair. Find the right amount of work to reduce them or increase them to where your hair has that TV commercial shine. Test out some of our suggestions and let us know how it works for you.

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