The six essential rules for wearing lipstick

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There is nothing sexier than a perfect pair of lips. Unfortunately, we don’t all have perfect lips. But with a little bit of skill, and some great tips with lipstick, we can make them look pretty damn good. If you want to look amazingly kissable, read on. 


Your lips are skin too. To make your skin look good you exfoliate, this is important to do with your lips as well. Like any skin exfoliation, you must be gentle. Dry lips or lips with extra flaky skin on them can just ruin a lipstick application. Lipstick will just emphasize these problems. Exfoliate all the dry skin off your lips daily. Remember to be gentle as your lips are delicate. A good way is to use a powdered sugar scrub, but any exfoliation will do. 


Just like the rest of your skin, moisturizer is an important aspect of makeup. Do not moisturize before you put on lipstick though. It is better to moisturize before you go to bed to keep your lips soft and fresh. If you moisturize directly before you apply lipstick the lipstick will not stick well or apply evenly. 


You can get lipstick primers that will help your lipstick last longer. You can also use a very thin layer of foundation or concealer right before you apply. 


You can choose any color lipstick you wish, as long as it’s red. Other lipstick colors are fun, in a temporary entertaining way, but red is the staple. Find the right color red for you, and make that who you are. Check the various colors in full lighting to make sure you have the right shades. It is also a good idea to go to a professional makeup artist and get their opinion. Even slight changes in the shade can make a large difference. 


There’s nothing worse than having lipstick stuck on your teeth and not knowing it. What you need to do is get rid of the lipstick that’s on inside edges of your lips. The easiest way to do this is to suck on your finger and pull it outwards. This will remove any of the lipstick on the inside, and leave the lipstick on the outside untouched. 

Lip liner 

Lip liner is a great tool to use. Think of it as making a pattern that you can then fill in with lipstick. It makes it much easier to have smooth and clean lines where you want them to be. You can even use slightly different shades on the outline for some spectacular looks. Mostly though, you use it for making sure that you have clean lines and balanced lipstick. 

There is nothing better than a beautiful pair of lips. Finding the right lip color and learning how to apply lipstick the right way will give you those lips. Whether you are going out on the town with a wet gloss, or in a business meeting with more subdued lipstick, knowing how to apply it is one of the most important tools in Your arsenal.

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