How to buy the right makeup without going bankrupt

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Makeup can get downright expensive. By the time you have all the pieces you want and have tried out all the various different foundations, eyeliners, lipsticks, moisturizers, and everything else, it can put you in a state of denial for how much money you have spent. Here are a few tips be able to get great makeup without breaking the bank. 


If you want to try a new makeup, many stores and companies will give out samples. You can order samples online for a pittance of what you would pay for the full-size bottle. If you ask for samples when you buy makeup, very often they will toss a few in for free. These are also great to travel with. 


It’s a good idea to do research on whatever makeup you will buy. Sometimes the sales pitch makes it sound like the best thing since sliced bread, but in reality, if you read the reviews you will be disappointed. Do the research. 

Join an online forum 

There are quite a few online forums such as Reddit where people will compare different skin products and makeups and also tell you of any great deals that are happening. When you find a great deal, grab as much as you can. 


Pick a budget and stick to it. Don’t get seduced into that $50 concealer. Decide what you’re willing to spend, and what you are comfortable with, and stick to that number. 


This is a bit more of a complicated tip, but it will save you a tremendous amount of money over time. Know what the ingredients are. This way you can look at expensive makeup and inexpensive makeup and compare them and see what it is really worth. 

No impulse buying 

Don’t look for makeup when you’re not ready to buy it. It’s too easy to see something that sounds fantastic, fall for the sales pitch, and fork out a huge pile of cash that you will regret later. Plan out all your makeup buying, you will be happier you did. 

Rewards programs 

Generally for more expensive makeup, stores often have a rewards program where you can get discounts. If it’s a makeup you really want, it’s a good idea to join. You will also get alerted to specials. 

Online coupons 

Before you buy any makeup online, search for that makeups name and add the word coupon. More times than not, there is a coupon out there that you can use. It might be $5 off, a 20% discount, or just free shipping, but it’s always worth looking. 

The drug store 

Don’t underestimate the drugstore. Cost does not always equate to quality. If you know your ingredients you will be quite amazed at what you can buy at the drugstore inexpensively. If you check the forums as well, they will give you advice on what you can buy as an inexpensive replacement. Sometimes the drugstore brand is the exact same product as a more expensive brand sold right next to it. 

The dollar store 

Never underestimate the dollar store. You never know what they have and sometimes they have high-end products on a closeout at unbelievable prices. If you see a top makeup that you use at the dollar store, don’t buy one, buy 20, as there is no guarantee that it will ever be there again.


Ok, the ultimate for money savings is learning to make your own makeup. This is actually not as hard as it seems. Many makeups are actually quite simple. You can even make your own lipstick. There are many sites online that will tell you how to make almost anything, just a little Google search and you might save enough in makeup to take a vacation. You might even find you love it so much you start your own business. 

Makeup does not have to be expensive. We all like to think that the most expensive makeup is better than anything else we can buy. But in all reality, it is not true. Very often the cost of expensive makeup is the marketing that is behind it for the brand. Makeup companies know that if they charge a lot that you will think it’s better and you will buy it. The reality is that it is more important to have good makeup than expensive makeup. A little bit of research and experimentation and you will find you can save a tremendous amount of money, and probably end up with better quality makeup. We hope these tips help you. Let us know how it goes.

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